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Inspirational Insights

Some days those creative juices are just not flowing and my artwork can feel a bit lifeless. When lack of motivation strikes, I have three reliable methods to get that inspired feeling back again...

1. Go outside and admire the view

Tree Branches

Getting out in the fresh air can help to clear your mind and make space for those creative ideas, and no matter where you live, there is always something around to inspire you. In the countryside, I look for the shapes created by the twists and turns of vines or branches, and the colours created by patches of wildflowers. In urban areas I love to see nature breaking through the concrete, plants growing through cracks in the pavement or ivy covering the walls. Taking photos is a great way to remember all the details of my adventures.

2. Browse some design books

Design Books
Reading a Book

Pick a favourite artist (for me that's William Morris) or browse through a mix of styles, either way you are likely to come across something that triggers that all important train of thought to a fantastic idea. I like to consider the methods other artists have used, their colour and type choices, and the messages they are conveying. Combining ideas from a variety of sources is a great way to find a whole new approach. My logo for the website was heavily inspired by William Morris's stunning textile designs.

3. Listen to your favourite music

Sometimes when I'm working, I'll spend the first ten minutes just choosing what to listen to and it's never a waste of time! The right soundtrack can hugely boost my creativity. I listen mostly to alternative folk-rock, but basically anything that's a bit quirky and different. I want to hear the same creative motivations behind the music as I am aiming to put into my artwork. The track above is by one of my favourite bands, New Model Army, and is currently top of my playlist. Perfect for the season, it is evocatively dark and beautiful... now... where are my pencils...?!

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