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Promotional Posters

So, this was a challenging project... my new brief was to create a set of three promotional posters taking inspiration from speed, technology and future design. Seeing as my style is very traditional and nature-based, I wondered how I could possibly promote myself using such a polar opposite approach.

I'm going to be completely honest and say that at first I was uncomfortably out of my comfort zone, as a technophobe who stubbornly sticks to traditional methods, I felt a fraud to be advertising myself as a high-tech digital designer, and my first attempts were awkward to say the least. I clung to my original nature themed style, using a dragonfly to represent speed as the trains and planes my classmates used just didn't represent my work. My feedback on these was to re-think and try a new approach.

Set of Promotional Posters

In an attempt to add in texture and pattern, I worked with photographs of landscapes and dragonflies. This next set of posters was quite pretty and I liked the subtle pastel colours and sense of freedom in them, but as my tutor reminded me, I still hadn't really taken on the theme of speed and technology.

Set of Promotional Posters

At this point, I was advised to look at sci-fi posters to try to push my work into a new realm, and I took my dragonflies into space. I'm still not entirely sure if this has worked as a quirky and unusual mix of my soft, natural style and a futuristic sci-fi theme, or just resulted in a confusing mix of ideas? The posters are definitely quite different to my usual work and creating them started to pull me from the comfort zone I was so desperately clinging to, but I would really welcome any thoughts and opinions on them...

Set of Promotional Posters

Lastly, I took some time to research robots, AI and the future of graphic design, and I think I finally managed to let go of my preconceived ideas of how my posters should look and leap into the future. I redesigned my posters once more, and this time I achieved a futuristic, high-tech design that is vastly different from my early attempts. That dragonfly is still there as a connection to the essence of Susie, but he's gone digital, and along with the neural network lines, concentric circles and thin spaced out typography, I think my posters have finally achieved their goal!

Set of Promotional Posters

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