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Video Venture

My initial thoughts on reading the current brief for my degree course were 'Noooo!' and 'This is every introvert's worst nightmare!' Why? Because we have to a make a video. Of ourselves. Talking to the camera. For a minute and a half - which is approximately 90 seconds longer than I am happy to be on screen! I don't even video call my own family, I am very much a chat-on-the-phone-without-pictures kind of girl.

So, after I had complained to everyone I could find, there was nothing for it but to bite the bullet, take the challenge, and start to plan my video. For previous briefs, I have set up a camera to film my drawing process. This I am ok with as the camera is behind me and very much focused on my hands and the back of my head. Fortunately, I already had some footage of the drawings I had just been working on, and realising that this could fill a good many seconds, I began to feel more positive. Maybe I could do this after all! Spurred on by my new found enthusiasm, I jotted down some ideas... a short intro, a voice over the drawing section, and a quick 'thanks for watching'... Yes! This could work!

The brief also called for us to incorporate sound in our videos. My narration would form part of that, but I decided I would need to break up the segments of speech with some gentle background music and maybe add in some bird song to set the scene too. As my ideas were flowing well now, I sketched out a storyboard and annotated the scenes with my planned narration.


By this stage, the 90 seconds on camera didn't seem quite so daunting any more. Broken down in to scenes of my working process, I realised I only really needed to talk directly to the camera for about 10-15 seconds at the start and end of the video. And I could do that. I think. After a cup of tea. And a biscuit.

In the end it took quite a few takes for both scenes and a very patient husband behind the camera, but it really wasn't so bad. And we actually had some fun laughing at the out-takes, such as this one where I turned around and completely forgot what I was going to say.

So, am I more confident about appearing on camera now? Yes. Will I make less fuss next time I have to do it? Probably not! And the finished video? Well, it was a good exercise in evaluating my work process and hopefully it gives an insight into what I do, but it's quite hard to be objective about your own work, so the real question is what do you think....?

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