Hey, I'm Susie... it's lovely to meet you!


I live in a little village on the outskirts of Cambridge and am very lucky to have an abundance of wildlife on my doorstep. Squirrels scamper up and down the trees in the garden, hedgehogs burrow in the leaves, and butterflies flit about the buddleia. It's a wonderful view and a constant source of inspiration for my artwork. I enjoy being creative - drawing, designing, printing and latch-hooking. I also love to read, snuggle with my chinchilla, and wander in the countryside.

Hanging Ivy

As the summer sun warms the air,

You'll find me in the garden where,

I'll read my books of long ago,

Sipping tea while daisies grow,

Listening to the blackbird's song,

And sketching 'til my shadow's long,

Breathing in the floral scents,

Blackberries hanging by my bench,

A bumblebee goes buzzing over,

Where the long grass meets the clover,

And lazy clouds drift softly by,

While fluttering wings of butterflies,

Make silhouettes on sapphire skies,

Come, see it all through my eyes!

Grey chinchilla pencil illustration
Sketching in the garden
Blue tit pencil sketch
Animal pencil illustrations
Wild Flowers