I like to work from photographs, loosely sketching the outline before detailing the shading and texture in coloured pencil or oil pastel. Animals are my absolute favourite thing to draw as I enjoy capturing their furriness! I drew the red squirrel and Bella, my chinchilla, as personal pieces. The guinea pig, mouse and ladybirds were part of a degree project to create a set of three motivational postcards. 



I drew Chewy the rat for my cousin, and designed the 'Mice in Love' card for a family wedding. 'Kayleigh and Owen's House' was drawn as a keep-sake for my daughter and her partner when they moved into their first house earlier this year. I have since had more requests for house drawings, but they are not my usual subject matter!

Digital Designs

This is an area I am just beginning to explore. As part of my degree I have had to learn to use Adobe Illustrator. Using the pen tool takes a lot of practice, and while I am beginning to master the technique, at this level I can't achieve the same results as I can with a real pencil. More practice is needed!

Screen Prints

I love the beautiful, organic nature of screen printed images, and the incredible patterns created by repeated prints. My designs are inspired by plants, leaves, petals and animal shapes. I transferred my owl print on to a tote bag, and I am hoping to put more of my prints on to merchandise soon.

Latch Hook Cushions

I designed the owls as a pair of fun cushions for my own sofa. The purple aster flower was a request to see if I could turn a photo into a cushion. I like to plan out my designs on graph paper before watching them grow into woolly pictures!

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